Insane Luxury: New Design Concept

Insane Luxury Design Maison et Objet Paris 2018
Maison&Objet: Insane Luxury Design
January 19, 2018
Insane Luxury Design

A brand new design concept was born. A concept that pushes the design boundaries into another universe by redefining them. A universe where the word “insane” prevails. Insane ideas, insane methods, insane approaches. That is who we are and that is what we want to offer, insane design with a unmatched quality.

Unusual pieces, reinvented by heritage of memories and traditions, places and people… They are expressive form of art that combines comfort, elegance, and a certain eccentricity… They are objects that offer a unique sensory experience… Insane brings together a set of furniture pieces with exclusive design, combining tradition and innovation, function and passion, classic and contemporary.

With an unquestionable creativity, which requires boldness and a great deal of madness both of the design team as of the person who acquires it, Insane Luxury Design has chosen a differentiated language which has a unique objective: a balance between a DNA full of personality and the way it is perceived by the outsider world. Projecting means wandering the path of imagination and making dreams come true. The design of an object, of an area or a complete structure must obey rigorous work plans that are born from a creative energy, a catalyst force that strives to meet the wishes of those for which we are designing.

Are you ready to get insane?