Available colors
Dim. Bloom Small W 62 cm | 24.4″ D 62 cm | 24.4″ H 35 cm | 13.7″
Bloom Medium W 62 cm | 24.4″ D 62 cm | 24.4″ H 38 cm | 14.9″
Bloom Big W 62 cm | 24.4″ D 62 cm | 24.4″ H 50 cm | 19.6″
Bloom Set W 186 cm | 73.2″ D 62 cm | 24.4″ H 50 cm | 19.6″
About  Originated in the 16th century, Portuguese “azulejo” tiles have taken, over the years, a prominent role in various settings, giving rise to the creation of so many different patterns and aesthetics that quickly distinguished them from all others. Bloom is a set of three tables that highlight the Portuguese soul of the “azulejo”, embodied in purposefully designed mosaics. The filigree centre, in shades of gold, illustrates and reinforces the genuinely Portuguese character of these three pieces that, in unique detail, reinvent and admirable centuries-old art form.
Materials Wood structure covered with Portuguese azulejo tiles. Centre detail in gold plated filigree. Legs in solid, polished and varnished brass.